The American Chamber of Commerce Myanmar
The American Chamber of Commerce Myanmar
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AMCHAM Myanmar’s Fresh New Look

Yangon. On November 14, the American Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar (AMCHAM Myanmar) unveiled a new logo and brand identity. The refreshed look commemorates five years of achievements supporting American business in Myanmar, as well as the first anniversary of its independent operation. The design represents AMCHAM’s purpose to be the voice of American business in Myanmar as well as the connection it serves between the two countries.

AMCHAM Myanmar was founded in October 2013 as a chapter of AMCHAM Thailand. In September 2017, AMCHAM Myanmar was registered in Yangon and became a fully independent chamber of commerce. Today, the Chamber represents more than 170 member companies in various business sectors. AMCHAM Myanmar remains committed to conducting tireless advocacy both towards the Myanmar and U.S. governments on policies impacting its members, providing a platform to share information and contacts, and promoting a responsible business community among its member companies. In the last year, the Chamber has grown and achieved new milestones in its mission to promote and connect American business in Myanmar by encouraging local partnerships and upholding the highest code of business conduct.

“Our design goal is to better align our new mission and objectives to our values and to the members we serve. The new logo symbolizes the dynamic relationship between American and Myanmar business.” said Zara Dang, AMCHAM Myanmar Executive Director. “As the voice of American business in Myanmar, we will continue representing the interest of our members and working with any organization or individual sharing our values to help Myanmar thrive.”

The Chamber’s special recognition and appreciation goes to Pastel Communications for their creative work on the new logo design.

About Pastel Communications
Pastel Communications bring with it the knowledge and understanding of developing markets with expertise that has been applied successfully at international levels. With offices in Yangon, KL, and Karachi and strategic partnerships in Bangkok & Mumbai, they are today geared to take on any challenge that their clients bring our way in the spheres of both macro & micro communication requirements through advertising, brand development, promotional activities, events, activations and film making along with an array of value-added services.


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