Myanmar-Japan-US Forum on fostering responsible investment

On August 20, AMCHAM Myanmar co-organized the Myanmar-Japan-U.S. Forum on Fostering Responsible Investment, bringing together senior representatives from government and the private sector to discuss the challenges and solutions for attracting further investment to Myanmar.

U.S. Ambassador Marciel and Japan Ambassador Maruyama reaffirmed the longstanding commitments of the U.S. and Japanese Governments to continue to support Myanmar’s political and economic reform efforts.

Ambassador Marciel commented that “U.S. companies bring responsible investments: they hire and train the local workforce; they pay taxes, not bribes; and they follow laws and regulations to protect the environment and benefit local communities.”

During the private sector panel business leaders raised challenges such as logistics and electricity supply, needs which are critical and could also present opportunities for potential investors. Companies also highlighted the need for greater efficiency, transparency and regulatory clarity to strengthen the overall Myanmar business environment.

To read a full press release in English and Burmese, please click here.

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