FEBRUARY 4, 2021 - The American Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar (AMCHAM Myanmar) is concerned that the ongoing political developments will impact the rule of law and the unrestricted flow of information, both of which contribute to a stable business environment.

AMCHAM Myanmar will always promote and connect American business in Myanmar by encouraging local partnerships and upholding the highest business standards. As the voice of American business in Myanmar, we advocate for a level playing field for all businesses; the unrestricted flow of information; and respect for the rule of law.

We note the tremendous progress Myanmar has made in the last few years and it is our hope that these ongoing events are only a temporary setback in important reforms.

Therefore, AMCHAM Myanmar unequivocally calls upon all engaged stakeholders to respect the rule of law; avoid arbitrary detentions; and allow for unrestricted access to information across all telecommunications systems available in Myanmar to support the free flow of information.


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AMCHAM Myanmar welcomes new members: Myanma Awba, Access Resources Asia, Barber Mullan and Associates and Eugene Quah & Associates