Membership Committee

We are calling all interested AMCHAM members to join the Membership Committee. If you would like to participate, please send an email to to be added to the list for future communications and committee meeting announcements.


The objective of the Membership Committee is to increase awareness of AMCHAM among non-members, increase involvement among current members, and maintain the current membership strength of the chamber. These are done through educational efforts, and constant and effective communication with members .

As AMCHAM Myanmar is a member-driven organization, the membership committee plays a vital role in its sustainability.


Committee Leadership
We are currently accepting nominations for committee leadership positions. Committee leader responsibilities include:
- Managing general committee operations
- Playing a principal role in creating the committee’s vision and goals
- Promoting open communications between committee members
- Recruiting and retain committee members
- Building institutional memory for the sustainability of the committee

If you are interested to serve as a leader for the Membership Committee, please email