Asian Tigers Mobility

Asian Tigers Mobility
Room 504, M.M.G. Tower, #44/56, Kannar Road, 41st -42nd Street, Botataung Township
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Asian Tigers Mobility Limited Myanmar, is a 100% foreign owned company registered under Myanmar Law. With the Mother Company Asian Tigers K.C Dat, registered and established in Singapore since 1963.

Asian Tigers Mobility Limited Myanmar, was registered in November 2010 and started full operation in June 2011.

In May 2012 Asian Tigers Mobility Limited Myanmar, was official approved as an ITGBL, OTO and DPM service provider by The US Government.

Asian Tigers Mobility - ATM, is a relocation solutions provider with services tailored to meet corporate relocation needs for transferees throughout the ASPAC region. ATM provides: Destination and Origin services, preview 'look-see' trips, Orientation, Home Search, School Search, cross-cultural training, Tenancy Management, security services and later, departure services. ATM was the first of its kind in Myanmar who started this full-service program.

With over 30 offices in 14 countries in Asia and employing over 1500 staff, the Asian Tigers group is Asia’s leading moving and relocation group. And we show it by offering a service of unparalleled support in relocation throughout Asia and the rest of the world.

Our Mission is simple: We devote our full energy and attention to helping families move. And we are deeply passionate about what we do.