CSR Success Stories

Ray of Hope is a voluntary society founded by SMART Group in 2012 to develop Myanmar’s Health, Education, Social Welfare and Environment Saving across the country. ROH Societyhas 100 active members including SMART Employees and Business Partners. In 2021, ROH and SMART’s created the following programs concentrating in Health, Education, Social Welfare and Environment.

KBZ Bank’s corporate philanthropy transformation journey began with the establishment of the Social Purpose and Impact Partnership (SPIP) Committee in December 2019. The independent committee oversees the bank’s charitable giving through a well-governed due diligence process, where donations are evaluated in an open forum and all votes are transparently recorded.

uab bank’s CSR activities over the recent months have taken shape largely in response the recent three (3) COVID-19 pandemic waves in Myanmar. 

Grand Royal Group International Co.,Ltd. (GRGI) corporate philosophy has always been taking responsibility to improve the lives of those in and around the company.  We have developed CSR strategies and objectives under the overall goal of “sustainable development” which helps in the long-term stability of the economy and environment for Myanmar.

Global Technology Group (GTG) was established in 2003, provides a broad range of world-class telecommunications services initially. Later on, the group diversified to the verticals business sectors including TMT (Technology, Media & Telecommunications), Financial Services, Trading, Real Estate, and Consultation.