Membership Application Forms     

Membership in the Chamber is open to U.S. companies and others who represent U.S. business and who uphold the Chamber’s Code of Conduct.   
To download a Corporate Membership Application Form, click here. (This form is for both large and SME companies operating in Myanmar.)     
To download an Associate Membership Application Form, click here. (This form is for NGOs and overseas companies.)    
Corporate Partnership opportunities are available now. Please contact for more information.

Why Join AMCHAM?   

The AMCHAM Myanmar Chamber provides a point of exchange and coordination of efforts to improve business conditions and opportunities for American and American affiliated organizations in Myanmar. AMCHAM provides businesses and business-persons with a venue for the exchange of ideas and for identifying common purposes to pursue in both the private and government sectors in Myanmar, in the Asian region and in the United States. AMCHAM Myanmar currently has 8 committees that cover a variety of commercial and industrial business activities, as well as the Chamber's social and charitable functions. Each committee serves as a forum for discussing common interests and common issues, as well as for taking initiative and action. AMCHAM has no affiliation with the U.S. Government or any of its components; however AMCHAM maintains an active collaborative relationship with the Embassy of the United States in Yangon and other U.S. Government institutions. Through these channel, AMCHAM has access to information on economic and commercial activities within the country and maintains liaison with various ministries of the Myanmar government. AMCHAM also provides the focal point for channeling social service activities intended to benefit the people of Myanmar through the its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

Benefits and Services    

In addition to serving as a point of contact and exchange among members, AMCHAM serves as a valuable resource for information and interaction. AMCHAM Myanmar members receive: 

·        The Membership Directory listing in the membership directory and our website.

·        E-newsletter of upcoming events and U.S State Department announcements and warnings

·        Member access of AMCHAM website, which provides a wealth of information including an events calendar, company directory and other information of interest on AMCHAM and doing business in Myanmar

·        Marketing and promotional opportunities through AMCHAM events and publications

Information Sources    

Through AMCHAM, members can obtain regularly updated information on a broad spectrum of areas in a number of forms and venues:

  · Membership Directory

This compendium includes comprehensive information on Myanmar, including economic trends, investment steps, business laws, taxation,   and investment incentives, as well as three indexes: by company name, representative name, and business classification.

   ·   Briefing

AMCHAM organizes briefings by visiting government officials or business executives in Myanmar and the ASEAN region.

·       Seminars

Some of AMCHAM's committees organize seminars that focus on matters likely to have great impact on doing business in Myanmar.

·     Taxation and Legislation Update

AMCHAM monitors changes in taxation and legislation (Myanmar and American) that impact the interest of members. 

·         Business Opportunities

AMCHAM maintains information on inquiries from the United States regarding doing business with or in Myanmar.

·       Member Data

AMCHAM maintains a constantly-updated database with comprehensive information on members and representatives.

Social Activities   

AMCHAM organizes activities year-round, including monthly committee meetings, business updates, meetings with U.S. Embassy delegates, and networking events. In addition, there are also Charity Golf Tournaments, and other social activities throughout the year.