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We aim to provide something helpful to every employee under Pacific AA Group who are struggling during this crisis period. We are very pleased to present our delightful memories. 

We want to thank all of our loyal customers, business partners and team members who have helped us reach this important milestone.

One of the best promotion “OKTOBERFEST” is back to Meliá!

Pacific Medical Industries (PMI) is pleased to announce the approval of PACLOVID (Nirmatrelvir 150mg; Ritonavir 100mg) by the Myanmar FDA with recommendation letter no. 2308ND012 for the use of PACLOVID in the mild to moderate coronavirus (COVID-19) in adults.

Get together with your loved ones to indulge in classic French food and of course, wine pairings to take your meal to the next level.

With the workforce gradually getting back to the office after the pandemic, there are new opportunities and challenges for the L&D managers in the professional space.

Samitivej is proud to announce the launch of our #AcessibleHealthcare Campaign which includes the opening of LONG COVID CENTER to help those previously infected with COVID 19 restore health from the resulting side effects.

Founded in 2017, Misfit Technologies Limited provides tech solutions to companies across industries in the Asia Pacific region.

With continued international tax reforms driven by the OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting framework and the increased transparency of multinational enterprise (“MNE”) activities through global reporting mechanisms, competent authorities have the tools to increase scrutiny and audits on taxpayer transactions and pricing.

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