Joint Statement




 - Undersigned, The American Chamber of Commerce Myanmar, Australian Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar, British Chamber of Commerce, EuroCham MyanmarFrench Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and IndustryGerman Myanmar Business ChamberGreece - Myanmar Chamber of Commerce, Italy Myanmar Business Association and the US ICT Council for Myanmar, the Asia Internet Coalition and Myanmar Private Equity & Venture Capital Association are deeply concerned about a draft Cybersecurity Law that was shared for comments on January 13, 2022.


The “cyber security law” contains provisions concerning Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), non-social media digital platform services, and business use of social media. If enforced, this current draft disrupts the free flow of information and directly impacts businesses’ abilities to operate legally and effectively in Myanmar. Access to information, technology and services is essential to operations and a healthy national digital economy. 



VPNs are a legitimate security device that protect businesses against cyber and financial crimes, and allow for secure access for businesses to support the overall digital economy. International businesses depend on the use of VPNs to function effectively and securely, particularly when accessing secure corporate files and email servers outside of Myanmar.



Adoption of the draft law as-written creates significant challenges to businesses operating in Myanmar. Supporting the free flow of information is an essential condition for businesses and communities to operate in Myanmar. 





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